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17 April 2008 @ 10:40 am
Note: These character ideas are meant to be played in a world like the one in the Looking Glass Wars

Twin vs. Twin

Surely the second born twin would have felt some resentment that her older sister of mere seconds was chosen to rule the Queendom, while she would remain little more than a princess as best.

Or were they so loyal to each other that it didn’t matter who ruled? Perhaps someone plotted to drive a wedge in between them and succeeded after years of trying.

Would they end up accidentally betraying each other over a possible love interest? Would their betrayal lead to hate? Which twin would win?

Through the Pool of Tears

Obviously it’s possible to travel both in and out of the Pool of Tears. So, theoretically, someone from out of our world could end up in Wonderland.

Perhaps, they had a hard time of it and ended up jaded and violent.

Maybe they could be a possible love interest for a Wonderlander character?

Would they have imaginative power also?

Would they be frightened? Would they be curious?

Would they try to earn their fortunes in Wonderland or would they be trying to get back home?

Do we want to have to where maybe the world of wonderland has the tendency to pull in psychopaths as in the delusional or catatonic? That was the case in American McGee's Alice. I don't know whether we wanted to include this.

Maybe they ended up going through another portal in a different part of Wonderland?

Would they be ambitious? Would the imaginative powers of the Wonderlanders scare them? Would their fear turn to hate? Would they try to trick and betray the Wonderlanders?
16 April 2008 @ 11:18 am
In Looking Glass Wars, other Kingdoms, Queendoms, Territories, etc were mentioned. I like this idea. I would also like to take other places from that world to use in the game.

I also liked the hierarchy setup in it and the whole Aunt Redd thing. Though, personally I didn’t think she was realistic enough. She was more insane than anything else. I liked the whole Mad Hatter being her bodyguard and the White Rabbit being her tutor thing, and how Mr. Carroll screwed it up.

American McGee’s Alice (videogame) was pretty dark—a bit horrific, actually. I liked the feel of it, but if we played it that way it would have to be slightly more mature. Is that okay with you?

Should the game be played in an atmosphere like that, or should it be slightly more light-hearted as it was in the Looking Glass Wars? Or do we want an in-between?

Personally, I’d like to stick with those two versions of the story. The Disney version of Louis Carroll’s work was a little too ludicrous for me, and the original needed work and reminds me of clowns (as in they’re supposed to be for children but come off as creepy).

I’d like to have creatures like the Jabberwocky in the game as they did in both Looking Glass Wars and American McGee’s Alice. However, I liked American McGee’s version of the cat better than the Looking Glass Wars.

Do we want to take the whole Crystal Heart thing and the imaginative powers that were shown in Looking Glass Wars? Did we want to have the two worlds (our world and the world Wonderland was in) connect like they did in the Looking Glass Wars—through the pool, that is? Or did we want an underground Wonderland that was just one big place? Rabbit-holes, anyone?

What time period should we do it in? If we kept it in the Looking Glass Wars’ world then should we have it at the same time as everything’s happening? Or should we have it, say, be placed fifty years before or afterwards. We could play around Alyss’s descendants or, for that matter, her ancestors.

Did we want to keep some of the same characters? We could just do the same time period and take the whole Alyss and Redd thing out of the story, or we could change it. We could just pretend that whole part of story never happened and make it up as we go along? I dunno…what do you think?
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